BG Safe core activity consist in the annual and 5 yearly inspection of LSA, and inspection of IMMERSION SUITS

with formal approval of the following maker:

  • Aquata
  • A-RIM
  • Bada Heavy Industries (former Dae Ryuck)
  • Davit International
  • Dongnam Marine Cranes
  • DSB Engineering
  • Greben Gurdesan Life Saving System
  • Hai Hong Boat Making Co
  • Hyundai
  • Iknow Machinery (former Tsuji)
  • Jiangyin Neptune
  • Jiangyin Shi Beihai
  • Jiangyin Xinjiang
  • Mad Rock Release Gear
  • Manabe Zoki*
  • Mansei*
  • Miura Machine and Miura Vider, Dodwell, Inchcape Machinery and Techno Alfa*
  • Ned Deck Marine (and SEC)
  • Ningbo Fu Hai
  • Nishi F and Ishihara*
  • Norsafe
  • Oriental Precision
  • Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries (boatbuilding branch)
  • Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries (marine machinery branch)
  • Sekigahara Seisakusho*
  • Sekwang Marine Machineries Co Ltd
  • Shigi*
  • Tsuenishi, Sanyo Works and Kanbara Ringyo*
  • Vanguard Lifeboat
  • Wuxi Hai Hong Boat Making Co
  • Young Nam Machinery co
  • Zhenjiang Marine Auziliary Machinery Works

Even with such authorization we passed audits with BV, LR and RINA as service supplier for these activities, and to whom we asked to verify our compliance to RES. IMO 1277; we can count on several case by case flag approvals (Panama, Liberia, Georgia, Cayman Islands,etc)

  • Experience on more than 600 ships (bulk, tanker, cruise, ferry, super yacht)
  • Good relationship and trust with every class society
  • Availability 7/7
  • Wide range of authorization and genuine spares allow us a quick job and fulfillment of international rules
  • At least one technician for every service team is fluent in English
  • QA ISO 9002
  • The team is almost independent with his equipment
  • Training BOSIET
  • International partner network
  • Negligence insurance for € 5.000.000
  • We always work in double safety

 * through our general contractor ISS Machinery Service

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